Saltwalks Sydney

Biennale of Sidney NIRIN 2020



Framed as an improvised walk, SaltWalks shares stories, anecdotes and information about the ubiquitous mineral know as salt. We begin with taste tests of different kinds of salt from mass produced table salt to Himalayan rock salt and Fleur de sel from Brittany. These savoury comparisons initiate conversations that explore the use of salt across time and different cultures. Through an engagement with salt, these performances are a platform that literally embodies an aesthetic and philosophical enquiry into the importance of this substance to life, ritual, survival, health, industry and the imagination.

The three distinct walks scheduled for the Biennale of Sydney NIRIN 2020 were cancelled due to COVID 19. Please listen to “Walking between Worlds” which is an audio version of SaltWalks: National Art School to the Sydney Jewish Museum.

  1. SaltWalks: Chinatown April 24, 2020
  2. SaltWalks: Royal Botanic Garden Sydney April 25, 2020
  3. SaltWalks: National Art School to the Sydney Jewish Museum April 26, 2020

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