Extraction, Seismic Events and Metamorphosis in a Chaotic Age




An exhibition between Oxygen Art Centre + Kootenay Gallery of Art

Oxygen Art Centre Exhibition Jun 01 – Jul 10
Kootenay Art Gallery Exhibition Jun 18 – Aug 18

Overburden brings together a group of artists whose shared concerns address geology and its relationship to shifting climate patterns and resource extraction, in both a regional and global context. Artists respond to mining histories in the Kootenay area, arctic ice melt that is uncovering paleontological data, mining reclamation practices, Indigenous sovereignty and glacial seismic events. While some artists bear witness to harmful extraction practices and an ever more unstable world, others seek to find caring, embodied and imaginative ways to come into relationship with the geologic material under our feet and interwoven into our everyday.


Overburden is the topsoil and vegetation that is removed before mining takes place. It also references our earth’s current condition and the psychological burden that many people experience in the face of climate and other ecological changes.
Randy Lee Cutler’s contribution includes a large format print called Mineralogies, the accompanying take away posters and the sound work Rock Album (Overburden).