Mineralogues: An Elemental Typology, 2017

Full colour inkjet poster, edition of four
45” x 20”
Art Metropole WEBSITE

Taking the scientific grid as a point of departure this typology traces the prolix potential of collapsing scientific, industrial, philosophical, spiritual and informal knowledge practices alongside images from the public domain into new mineralogical arrangements. The fictive inventory draws on real data to generate an archaeological dig across diverse geographies and histories and in the process, renders visible new architectures of time and matter. Working with four distinct and non-hierarchical categories (the songs of science, supernatural oracles, natural philosophy and the underworld), this data mining is stratified for the purposes of condensation, displacement and transformation. Ultimately, these borrowed images and the specific stories they uncover are adapted towards new crystallizations, allowing for an emergent legibility of a world beyond words where matter matters.