Mineral Collection

Biennale of Sidney NIRIN 2020



Mineral Collection explores the presence of minerals in our daily environments and their profound but often unacknowledged effect on our experiences. Using a variety of media and participatory events, the project maps the physical structures, geographies and biological effects of minerals, showing how they work as the invisible building blocks of our bodies and technologies. Each artistic component becomes a geological dig across a physical-metaphorical spectrum connecting and rupturing familiar meanings and assumptions. This multi-faceted approach encourages a non-linear encounter with crystal formations from the past, present and future to better contemplate our human interactions with these earthly deposits.

The collection included SaltWalks a series of performative walks (cancelled due to COVID), Rock Album, a sound work, The Underworld, a poster series, and Mineral Garden, a collaborative installation including collage works with Biennale artist Andrew Rewald.