Kitchen Semiotics, 2011

Video, 15:30

Kitchen Semiotics, a durational performance video, is staged in the artist’s kitchen. Cutler proceeds through the alphabet consuming a food or drink for each letter. As she nibbles, chews, and samples her provisions, a voice over offers political, geographic or cultural information that sheds light on global food trends. For example, the letter A; “The avocado has been cultivated in Central America since 5,000 BC. The Mayans believed the avocado had magical powers and was an aphrodisiac. The name comes from the Aztec word for this fruit ahuacat, which means “testicle.” Inspired by Martha Rosler’s 1975 video Semiotics of the Kitchen while reflecting contemporary concerns, this work draws on performance, duration and a desire for the viewer to examine their own relationship with food and embodiment encouraging a critical consciousness of consumption.