Everyone possesses the capacity for intuition; unfortunately, we haven’t all learned how to access this deepest of human perceptions. Perhaps this is due to the fact that its operations lie outside rational thought processes, or that it is frequently dismissed as mystical and unreliable. But intuition has in fact allowed us to connect with invisible forces, phenomena that are not intelligible to the naked eye but instead discernible through a third or inner eye …beyond ordinary sight.

Invisible Forces and the Intuitive Turn was a research creation project supported by Emily Carr University and a SSHRC internal grant. The project began with the process of thinking through making whereby a series of collages were generated as a means of apprehending a chosen subject. While working on these images, I read books, essays, and websites on topics including invisible forces, intuition, vibrational energies, and forces fields. The format and colour spectrum of the collages was informed by the knowledge that I would transform them into a risograph* zine. Because risographs are known for their vivid colours and specific textures, the images were inspired by simple compositions and a rich colour spectrum. The accompanying essay Beyond Ordinary Sight was placed in the middle of the zine so that the visual components framed and enveloped the written component.

*Risograph prints are created using digital screen printing in which traditional stencil printing principles and RISO technology are combined.

This project was supported by a SSHRC Internal Grant and Emily Carr University.