Into Nature biennale:
July–October 2023, Drenthe, Netherlands

Into Nature Website

DeepTimeRadio  – sound work

DeepTimeRadio  – script

Into Nature is a biennale art route laid out in the ancient Drenthe landscape. In 2023 the biennale was in the Borger-Odoorn area with the theme Time Horizons. The event consisted of 15 outdoor artworks experienced on foot, bicycle, or vehicle. Cutler’s two-part sound work, DeepTimeRadio was available on site via QR code. Listeners were encouraged to sit, take in the atmosphere, and press play. Part One was located at The Drouwenerzand which is the first geological monument of Drenthe due to the large salt-domes that lie underneath the area – a result from the last ice age. Part Two was located at LOFAR, the largest radio telescope operating at the lowest frequencies that can be observed from Earth and where the origin of the universe is studied. LOFAR is located within its own nature reserve. DeepTimeRadio was inspired by these specific locations, including their ecosystems, and other characteristics such as local folktales and histories as well as the megalithic burial mounds.

Research Trip to Borger-Odoorn area

A research trip to the Borger-Odoorn area (September 23 to October 3, 2022) allowed for an immersion into the landscape and an exploration of potential sites for the sound work. These images offer a glimpse into the area’s history, geology, and botany.