A Joyful Wisdom, 2014

Collage and vitrine installation
Beside Yourself, AHVA Gallery, Audain Art Centre
University of British Columbia
Vancouver, BC


Beside Yourself was a group exhibition curated by Marina Roy. In her curatorial statement she writes: “ To be beside yourself. To think of others, besides yourself. To feel outside yourself. We are in interaction with an affective field, the body a surface of intensities, the brain translating these, at times, as emotions or feelings. …We have come to realize that to be affected and to have the capacity to affect figures largely around questions of agency, and trying to come to terms with what lies beyond our knowledge can be of the utmost urgency. Beside yourself reflects on the potential of artworks as they exist in affective relation to us.”

A Joyful Wisdom took up the seldom represented emotion of joy through collages and the installation of mineral specimens and ephemera from UBC’s Pacific Museum of Earth. The work also included a take away that collected together quotations on joy in various registers of thought and experience.