As an artist, writer and educator, Randy Lee Cutler investigates the emergence of new cultural forms through an exploration of the intersections of gender, art, science and technology. She has produced numerous hybrid projects that engage with conversation, research and language to connect with her audience in diverse ways. Working with themes of hospitality and geopolitics, she is fascinated with the intersection of matter and metaphor. Taking the form of walks, performance, collage, printed matter, video, and creative/critical writing, Randy’s practice weaves together themes of interdisciplinarity, collaboration, materiality and sustenance. Recent projects have focused on salt, minerals and the energy harnessed within vibrant matter. 

Her work has shown nationally and internationally including the Into Nature Biennale (Netherlands),  Biennale of Sydney NIRIN 2020, Vancouver Art Gallery, Wil Aballe Art Projects/WAAP, Belkin Art Gallery and AHVA Gallery both at the University of British Columbia, Access Gallery, Artspeak, Contemporary Art Gallery (Vancouver), Western Front/Tate Modern, Seoul International NewMedia Festival (NeMaf), Losing Ground: Experimental Video shorts from Canada’s West Coast at the Canadian Embassy with Arsenal Gallery (Berlin), Visualeyez Performance Art Festival, Herland Film & Video Festival, Out on Screen Film Festival, Outtakes Dallas Film Festival, Video Pool, Centre for Art Tapes, Groupe Intervention Video/Videos in the Park. She has also produced numerous artist publications including Invisible Forces, OTOH and An Elemental Typology.

Randy is a co-investigator with Ingrid Koenig on a SSHRC Insight grant (2016-2024) called Leaning Out of Windows: Art and Physics Collaborations through Aesthetic Transformations, which explores how knowledge is translated across disciplinary communities. And Open Wide: An Abecedarium for the Great Digestive System, an ebook on digestion as a metaphor for experience is available on iTunes. She holds a PhD. in Cultural History from the Royal College of Art, London. Randy is a Professor in the Audain Faculty of Art and an Associate Dean for the MFA program at Emily Carr University located on the unceded Coast Salish territories also known as Vancouver, Canada.

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