2021: Overburden: Extraction, Seismic Events and Metamorphosis in a Chaotic Age

An exhibition between Oxygen Art Centre + Kootenay Gallery of Art,

June 1 – August 18, 2021. Event program June 19 – 20, 2021.

Overburden WEBSITE

2021: On the Other Hand

An exhibition of new collages at Wil Aballe Art Projects for Capture Photography Festival, Vancouver, April 24-May 29, 2021 plus a selection of works shown at the Biennale of Sydney NIRIN 2020.

2021: “Mineral Materialities in Contemporary Art: between intra-action, discursive magic and grief” in Curating Beyond Disciplines: Collaborations with Lively Objects, eds., Dr. Lizzie Muller and Dr. Caroline Seck Langill, Routledge, forthcoming

2020: On the Other Hand, KronoScope 20 (2020) 272-276

On the Other Hand, 2020 is a collage series that began in response to the COVID 19 pandemic. Working with gifted and thrifted national geographic magazines, Cutler embraced the virus by channeling its RNA code to cast spells through hieroglyphic forms. By bringing disparate elements together into new configurations, an emergent lexicon is cast of human gestures and cultural artifacts. These sparse, abstract images operate as a kind of writing, open to interpretation while resonating our shared bodily experiences of uncertainty.

Since 1966, the International Society for the Study of Time (ISST) has been providing a framework for an interdisciplinary dialogue about the nature of time. KronoScope offers a forum for the cross-fertilization of scholarly and scientific study about the nature of time as seen from a range of perspectives and disciplines.

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2020: On the Other Hand, Platforms 2020: City of Vancouver

On the Other Hand, 2020 is a collage series that began in response to the COVID 19 pandemic. Platforms 2020: Public Works is a monthly series of public art projects on transit shelters, billboards, and video screens throughout the city.

Platforms 2020

2020: Mineral Collection at the Biennale of Sydney 2020, NIRIN

The collection is comprised of Rock Album vol. 1, a sound work, The Underworld, a poster series, and Mineral Garden, a collaborative installation including collage works with Biennale artist Andrew Rewald. Mineral Collection was to include SaltWalks, a series of performative walks, but they were canceled due to COVID-19. The project, originally installed at the National Art School in Sydney, has moved to Carriageworks for the duration of the Biennale.

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2020 “Searching for the Language of the Universe”, Canadian Art

What happens when physicists and artists collaborate on some of science’s biggest questions? A unique project reveals surprising affinities. Co-written with Ingrid Koenig.

Canadian Art

2020: Leaning Out of Windows – Art and Physics Collaborations through Aesthetic Transformations

Interview with Co-Investigators Randy Lee Cutler and Ingrid Koenig

Episode 063: Let’s Talk Physics, The Leaning Out of Windows Project