2020: Mineral Collection at the Biennale of Sydney 2020, NIRIN

The collection is comprised of Rock Album vol. 1, a sound work, The Underworld, a poster series, and Mineral Garden, a collaborative installation including collage works with Biennale artist Andrew Rewald. Mineral Collection was to include SaltWalks, a series of performative walks, but they were canceled due to COVID-19. The project, originally installed at the National Art School in Sydney, has moved to Carriageworks for the duration of the Biennale.

Artist page       Interview       Learning Resource      Exhibition Walkthrough      Listen

2020: Leaning Out of Windows – Art and Physics Collaborations through Aesthetic Transformations

Interview with Co-Investigators Randy Lee Cutler and Ingrid Koenig

Episode 063: Let’s Talk Physics, The Leaning Out of Windows Project

2021: Overburden: Extraction, Seismic Events and Metamorphosis in a Chaotic Age

An exhibition between Oxygen Art Centre + Kootenay Gallery of Art and Science. Postponed until June 2021. Stay tuned for the new exhibition dates.

2020: “All that Glitters… Between Intra-action, Discursive Magic, Mountains and Grief”

in Curating Lively Objects: Post-disciplinary museum perspectives, eds., Dr. Lizzie Muller and Dr. Caroline Seck Langill, Routledge


2019: “SaltWalks: Vancouver, Nanaimo, Toronto”

in Journal of Public Pedagogies: Walking in/as Publics

2019: “Open and Wide: Figuring Digestion as Research-Creation” and “Research-Creation Interview with John Cussans” both in Knowings and Knots: Methodologies and Ecologies in Practice-Led Research, Natalie Loveless, editor, University of Alberta Press

2020: Review of Natalie Loveless (ed.) Knowings and Knots: Methodologies and Ecologies in Research-Creation This comprehensive review includes a discussion of Cutler’s provocation “Open and Wide: Figuring Digestion as Research-Creation” as well as Cutler’s conversation with John Cussans called ‘Special Investigations’.