2023 DeepTimeRadio – Into Nature biennale: July -October 2023, Drenthe, Netherlands

Into Nature is a biennale art route laid out in the ancient landscape of Drenthe. In 2023 the biennale will be in the Borger-Odoorn area with the theme Time Horizons. The event will consist of 15 outdoor artworks experienced on foot, bicycle, or vehicle. Cutler’s two-part sound work titled DeepTimeRadio will be available on-site via QR code. Listeners will be encouraged to sit, take in the atmosphere and press play. The work will be available on this site after October 2023.

Into Nature

2023: Leaning Out of Windows publication: An Art and Physics Collaboration

The final component of the SSHRC Insight funded research-creation project Leaning Out of Windows is a publication edited by Randy Lee Cutler and Ingrid Koenig. Published by Figure.1 Publishing and Graphic Research, the book includes documentation of the entire process including ongoing meetings with TRIUMF physicists, process designs and the three exhibitions (Antimatter, Emergence and In/Visible Forces) all installed at Emily Carr University’s Michael O’Brian Exhibition Commons.

LOoW website

Press on the publication:  CBC    The Vancouver Sun    Montecristo magazine

2022/23 In/Visible Forces – Limited Edition Risograph Zine + Art Prints + Public Conversation

Invisible Forces: between intuitive and physical realities explores diverse approaches to invisible and intuitive worlds in the forms of a collage series, a limited edition risograph zine with an accompanying essay as well as art prints. The project is supported by an SSHRC SIG Explore Grant through Emily Carr University. Beyond Ordinary Sight, a public conversation about intuition, creativity and invisible forces is scheduled for March 2, 6-7:30 PM @ Emily Carr University, Room B2160. Randy Lee Cutler will be joined by Métis Artist and ECU Associate Professor Mimi Gellman and Mimi Young, Animist-Spirit Medium and Founder of Ceremonies. Beyond Ordinary Sight event poster.

Invisible Forces Zine (download pdf)

The zine is available at READ books, Emily Carr University, Vancouver and Art Metropole, Toronto.

2022 Occasional Papers – Emily Carr University Publishing

OCCASIONAL PAPERS is a collected volume of art, design and media research; it is a publication that aims to represent creative research from across the extended Emily Carr community. Envisioned as the first of a series, this collection champions practice-based research through open access digital publication. This first volume of OCCASIONAL PAPERS includes the essay “Unsettled Feelings” from Randy Lee Cutler’s Artist Book OTOH, 2022.

OP with Unsettled Feelings (download pdf)

2022: OTOH (On the Other Hand) – artist book

This limited edition artist book comprised of more than 50 collages and an accompanying essay is supported by a SSHRC Institutional Explore Grant at Emily Carr University. The focus on hybrid research considers current investigations into how art and design are fundamental to surviving the pandemic and supporting anti-racism.

Download OTOH pdf

2022: Leaning Out of Windows exhibition: Invisible Forces February 28 – March 19, 2022

The third and final exhibition for the SSHRC Insight funded reach project Leaning Out of Windows. Co-curated with Ingrid Koenig, Michael O’Brian Exhibition Commons at Emily Carr University.

LOoW website